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Rating: 4.3
Description / How to play?

It's time to Rush! Enter the game by using "Play > Race" buttons in order to start Rush game that can be played 1 to 4 players. Please select "2 Human" section to play this game with 2 players together. Game is played with "Space" and "B" keys. If you want to play this game with 3 or 4 players, you can take necessary information from key sequence. The objective of the game is finishing the rush first. You'll give direction with action key in this exciting racing game of Twoplayergames.org portal. Try to overcome the obstacles, increase your energy and get nitro as much as possible. If you pay attention to these 3 points, you'll increase your victory possibility. Colorful shadows which are following you from behind or going from your front, shows you that your opponent's position when he was in your status in that time. So, you'll not have to examine your opponent's line additionally. We hope you have fun.