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Rating: 4.23
Description / How to play?

A big attack has started to the World by foreign aliens coming from outside the world. All attacks are made by biological top guns. Your and your friend's aim is destroying the biological guns and protecting the world. You'll complete the tasks with laser beams placed on the top gun's bouncing lines.

You will obtain new features after you break up the guns in following levels. To get time, fuel and extra speed features, go on to the bonuses and take them before they disappeared. You lose your health, if UFOs' bombs hit you. If both 2 player lose their healths, the game published in Twoplayergames.org portal will end!

Game Controls:

1st Player (Player existed at the left side of the keyboard): "A-D" and "Space" keys.

2nd Player (Player existed at the right side of the keyboard): "Right-Left" and "Enter" keys.

Let's defend the world with your friend together!