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Rating: 4.15
Description / How to play?

Welcome to bomber robot game. Our aim is destroying all other robots with our bombs. You can play this game with until 4 players same time. To see controls, click "Instructions" then "Controls" in the main menu. Click "Play Game" amd make some configuration to start the game. To configure how many battles you must fight to win set "Victory", to configure player number set "Player" and to configure computer difficulty set "Comp Ai". If you select free players as "Comp" you fight opposed to 3 computers in the game and if you stay level configuration "Random", the game opens random map for each battle or you select the map. After you configure the bomber robot, click "Start" to start war. Use arrow keys to navigate and enter key to send bomb. You get extra bonuses when you explode the bombs with boxes, like extra bombs, more powerfull exploding and other like bonuses. Be careful on these bonuses so some of them may be bad for you. Start the game with bomber robot!